My name is Lily, a current 7th grader. I designed this blog to reflect on my progress over the years, and I hope to work as an animation artist at Pixar.

I live with my parents, brother, and 2 dogs in a picturesque town in Ohio. I'm a huge gamer, and I'm obsessed with all types of Asian culture. Here are some fun facts about me-

• My favorite color is green.

• I doodle on almost every school worksheet- which I'm going to get in trouble for one day, haha.

• I like dressing up for Halloween and Comic-Con.

• I'm Vietnamese.

• I want to go to MIT.

• My brother's name is Luke, and my Dad wanted to name me Leia.

• I get frustrated and angry when I get anything lower than an A minus.

• I go through these handwriting phases- my handwriting always changes.

• My dogs are named Zack and Cody.

• I get frustrated easily.


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