Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer Rewind Tag


This tag was created by MorningTime4 from The Ups and Downs of My Not-So-Average Life. I'd like to take a quick second to thank Emily from Lynde Avenue for nominating me! This post was a blast to write.


✓ Thank the person(s) who tagged you.
✓ Post about five to eight things that you did over the summer or upcoming in your summer schedule!* Pictures are optional.
✓ Answer the ten summer/fall questions given to you.
✓ Tag 5 or more bloggers and tell them by commenting on their blog.
✓ Ask ten new summer/fall related questions.
✓ Share the banner above when you publish the post and credit the photo and the tag origin (http://theworldthroughmywindowsill.blogspot.com/)

What I Did This Summer

1. Took my first selfie. (I'm now "hip")

2. Went to the renaissance festival.

3. Started Squishingly!

4. Sailed on a lake. (Like every summer of my life.)

5. Joined the BBK team!

6. Had strange conversations with my friends..

7. Got a funky tattoo sleeve.. (I'm so hardcore, hahaha.)

8. Started 7th grade! (Scary..)
This is a photo from my Instagram. Go check it out!

Answering Emily's Questions

Q: Were your born closer to the summer or winter?
A: I was born closer to the winter. (October)

Q: Do you know how to ice skate?
A: I couldn't ice skate to save my life!

Q: Cute sandals or a casual pair of flip flops?
A: Flip flops! I'm not a formal person, so I prefer anything casual.

Q: Leggings or jeans, in the fall?
A: Jeans on the street, leggings in the sheets. I don't like wearing leggings in public, so I walk around in them at home.

Q: T-shirt and cardigan, or a simple long-sleeved shirt?
A: T-shirt and cardigan, of course! I like to be able to take off the cardigan whenever I get hot. (Because that happens often, no matter what season it is.)

Q: Do you have a super top-secret hot cocoa recipe that you would like to share? ;)
A: I have one, but I don't know where the paper I wrote it down on is.. sorry!

Q: Do you celebrate any holidays in the summer?
A: Summer is a holiday to me! 3 months off of school, what's not to celebrate?

Q: Did you travel much?
A: Nope.. I went to a few summer camps but I stayed home most of my summer. (Do I sound like a stick in the mud?)

Q: What is the most beautiful photograph you took this summer?
A: I took a lot of great ones, but my personal favorite is this one-

I took this in June.

Q: Favorite pumpkin recipe?
A: I don't make anything with pumpkin, my Grandma does. 

My Questions

1. What are you planning to do next summer?
2. What's your favorite summertime beverage?
3. What are you looking forward to most next summer?
4. What kind of music would you listen to while sipping hot cocoa by the fireside?
5. Reflecting on what you did last summer, what are you going to change for next summer?
6. What do you love most about blogging?
7. Do you do anything special on your blog depending on the season?
8. What's your favorite seasonal dessert?
9. Who is your biggest inspiration, and have they affected the way you spend your summer/fall?
10. Why, in your opinion, do you think people around the world love [insert season here, pick one only]?

Who I Nominate

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  1. Ohhh what a lovely photograph! And I don't like leggings either *high-five*! Thanks so much for doing the tag, look forward to seeing more posts from you! :)


    1. No, you're the one to thank!

      Thanks for everything you said in your comment! It really brightened my day. I'll be entering your contest soon, I just have to publish the post. (Oh yeah- *high-five back*)