Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Lindsey Stirling Edits


For those who don't know, Lindsey Stirling is a professional violinist, composer, and dancer who posts videos of her original songs on YouTube (her channel is here.) She is a really inspiring woman, because she still pursues her dreams even after being rejected on America's Got Talent.

I made the first edit (above) from her song, "Shatter Me" which is found by clicking here.

I made the second edit from a photo I found online. I don't think this was an outfit she wore in a song (I thought it could be "We Found Love" in Africa) but for now, kudos to the photographer.

I made the third and final edit from Lindsey's collaboration with Pentatonix, "Radioactive." That can be found by clicking here.


That's all I did with Photoshop at the moment, so have a nice day.


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